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300+ Premium Courses with Free Certificates

300+ Premium Courses with Free Certificates

Everyone wants to upskill oneself, especially after the pandemic, to acquire better opportunities, and that is exactly where upskilling comes into play. Global Edugate has listed out 300+ premium courses from the top universities across the globe and renowned course providers where you get FREE certificates after the course is completed!

Certification is now vital to establish your credibility and differentiate yourself from many of your peers who only have a college degree and no additional skills to add to the resume. You don't want to spend a lot of time on a course only to discover that no certificates are available. 

To process getting this certificate is very easy. All you have to do is complete the entire course, take the quizzes, and give the needed exams. Once that is done, go to the "related to this course" and "show all." 

Then you will see all the certificates available for the course you just completed. Then click on "download" and get your certificate.

Check out these 5 courses from this collection to get a sneak peek of what's in store for you!

1. Sustainable Food Teach Out- Future Learn

In this course, you'll learn how to make food choices that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, what constitutes a sustainable diet, what foods are right for you, how to compare different food options, and how to lessen the impact of food on the environment. Anyone who wants to learn more about sustainable food should take this course. 

2. Computer Programming for Everyone- Future Learn

This course is for everyone who wants to learn computer programming and important topics like key developments in computing, understanding how programming works in real life, basic coding, and learning about what a development team does. 

3. Supply Chain Basics for Everyone - LinkedIn Learning

Daniel Stanton, the Mentor for this course, will teach you about the intricate networks of people, procedures, and technology that keep stores stocked with a wide variety of goods. The Mentor will help you determine whether an item is a good deal and prepare you for any supply chain disruptions.

4. Build Your Critical Thinking Skills- LinkedIn Learning 

The ability to think critically puts you ahead of your contemporaries and benefits your career. Additionally, it assists you in developing stronger arguments and better judgment. In this course, you master the fundamentals of critical thinking and the crucial abilities required for problem-solving and making decisions. 

5. The Power of Podcasting for Storytelling- Future Learn

We are now riding the podcasting wave, with many intriguing podcasts emerging every year. Podcasting is a simple method to communicate your stories. In this course, you will discover what podcasting is exactly and how it may help you become a better storyteller. Everything will be covered, including how to create a script, develop ideas for your podcast, and which platforms work best for establishing your podcast.

Here are 300+ Premium Courses with Free Certificates:

Become a Digital Marketing Specialist

Become a Project Manager

Become a Data Analyst

Become a Graphic Designer

Become a Software Developer

Finding a Job during Challenging Economic Times

Master In-Demand Professional Soft Skills

Become a Financial Analyst

Build Your Skills In Customer Service

Become a Sales Representative

Prepare for the CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Certification

Digital Transformation in Practice: Virtual Collaboration Tools

Build Your Excel Skills

Build Your Critical Thinking Skills

Build Your Analytical Skills with Statistical Analysis

Build Your Data Analysis Skills

Build Your Attention-to-Detail Skills

Build Your Tableau Skills

Build Your Skills in Recruiting

Build Your Skills in Sales Development

Build Your Skills in Customer Billing Support

Prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification (220-1001 and 220-1002)

10 Ways to Stay Motivated While Job Hunting

A Career Strategist's Guide to Getting a Job

Building Rapport with Customers

Building Resilience

Color for Design and Art

Color Trends

Communication Foundations

Computer Literacy for Mac

Content Marketing Foundations

Corporate Financial Statement Analysis

Creating Positive Conversations with Challenging Customers

Creative Collaboration

Critical Thinking for Better Judgment and Decision-Making

CSS Essential Training

Digital Body Language

Digital Networking Strategies

Graphic Design Careers: First Steps

5-Day Photo Challenge: Composition

5-Day Photo Challenge: Portraiture

Access 2019 Essential Training

Additive Manufacturing for Business

API Development in .NET with GraphQL

Art and Illustration Careers: First Steps

Artists and Their Work: Conversations about Mograph VFX and Digital Art

ASP.NET Core: Razor Pages

Audio and Music Production Careers: First Steps

Audio Techniques for Film, Video, and Multimedia

Brand Redesign: Small Business

C#: Advanced Practices

Career Insights for Tech Professionals

Conversations in Video Editing

Creating a Culture of Privacy

Creative Pro Careers: Staying Ahead

Danny Sullivan on SEO

3D and Animation Careers: First Steps

5-Day Photo Challenge: Landscapes

5-Day Photo Challenge: Street Photography

Using Data Science to Hire Employees

Using Docker and .NET Core

Supply Chain Basics For Everyone

Story and Character Development for Animation

Rayce Bird: Real Life Creature Creation

Prime Studio Product DesignLP/w Design

Studio, Interior and Graphic Design

Data Exploration With Kaggle Scripts

Introduction to Python & Machine Learning (with Analytics Vidhya Hackathons)

Tidy Data in Python Mini-Course

Intro to in Python

SQL Tutorial for Marketers

Kaggle Python Tutorial on Machine Learning

Plotly Tutorial: Plotly and R

Causal Inference with R - Instrumental Variables & RDD

Kaggle R Tutorial on Machine Learning

Data Analysis and Statistical Inference

Basic Statistics

Inferential Statistics

Introduction to Probability and Data - Labs

Intro to Computational Finance with R

R for the Intimidated

How to work with Quandl in R

Beginning Bayes in R

Causal Inference with R- Experiments

Big Data Analysis with Revolution R Enterprise

Causal Inference with R - Regression

R, Yelp and the Search for Good Indian Food

Reading Data into R with readr

Ideas for a Better World: Leading Change Through Policymaking

Bacterial Genomes II: Accessing and Analysing Microbial Genome Data Using Artemis

How To Teach Online: Moving online post-pandemic

Basic English 2: Pre-Intermediate

COVID-19: Psychological First Aid

COVID-19: Effective Nursing in Times of Crisis

Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work

COVID-19: Helping Young People Manage Low Mood and Depression

Basic English 1: Elementary

Business Futures: Sustainable Business Through Green HR

Introduction to Production Design for Film and Screen

Entrepreneurship: From Business Idea to Action

COVID-19: Tackling the Novel Coronavirus

Digital Skills: Digital Marketing

Computer Programming for Everyone

Digital Skills: Social Media

Sleep Deprivation: Habits, Solutions and Strategies Teach-Out

Bacterial Genomes: Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacterial Pathogens

Motivation and Engagement in an Uncertain World

Study UK: Prepare to Study and Live in the UK

Digital Skills: User Experience

Digital Skills: Digital Skills for Work and Life

Digital Skills: Web Analytics

Digital Skills: Artificial Intelligence

Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Global Biosecurity for One Health

What is Genetic Counselling?

Bacterial Genomes: Disease Outbreaks and Antimicrobial Resistance

Best Practice for Education: Professional Development Showcase

Data Analytics for Decision Making: An Introduction to Using Excel

Understanding and Addressing Extremism Teach-Out

Cryptocurrency: Beyond Bitcoin Teach-Out

Disinformation, Misinformation, and Fake News Teach-Out

Practicing Gratitude Teach-Out

Sustainable Food Teach-Out

Esports: Leveling Up Teach-Out

UFOs: Scanning the Skies Teach-Out

Learning for a Sustainable Future: Live at COP26

Health Systems Strengthening

Essential Skills for Your Career Development

Pathways to Property: Starting Your Career in Real Estate

Business Problems and Software Solutions

Social Change: How Can Marketing Help?

Communicating across Cultures

Teaching and Assessing Core Skills

Developing Effective Policies to Build the Impact Economy

Effective Policymaking to Build the Impact Economy

Ethical Social Media

Agriculture, Economics and Nature

Introduction to Physical Computing

Introduction to Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Bushfires: Response, Relief, and Resilience

Business Futures: Understanding Omni-channel Retailing and Supply Chains

Supporting and Engaging People with Autism

Caring for Children Moving Alone: Protecting Unaccompanied and Separated Children

Digital Skills: Reimagine Your Career

The Power of Podcasting for Storytelling

Digital Skills: Mobile

Digital Skills: Retail

Healthy Futures: How Can We Create the Most Effective Healthcare System?

Genomic Scenarios in Primary Care

Train the Trainer: Design Genomics and Bioinformatics Training

Bacterial Genomes I: From DNA to Protein Function Using Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics for Biologists: An Introduction to Linux, Bash Scripting, and R

Bacterial Genomes III: Comparative Genomics using Artemis Comparison Tool (ACT)

Designing for a Diverse and Inclusive Future

Solving Inequality in Education

Designing for a Sustainable Future


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