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Top Python Courses to boost your career - 2021 Edition

Top Python Courses to boost your career - 2021 Edition

Find the best Python courses from Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Skillshare, Upgrad, Pluralsight, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, IIT to boost your career in 2021. There are many jobs that pay you a handsome salary, good package if you have Python experience. Learn python courses and view top python job openings specially for you.


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So you're new to programming and aren't sure if Python is the ideal language for you to learn?

If that sounds like you, you've come to the correct place. In this blog, We'll go through some of Python's most significant advantages over other popular programming languages.

You'll discover why Python is a wonderful tool to have in your toolbox. We're not simply going to talk about the rich job options Python can provide. We'll also look at factors that influence your learning as a beginning.

Guido Rossum designed Python in 1989 as an object-oriented programming language. It was created to quickly prototype several complex applications. Python programming is frequently utilized in advanced disciplines of computer science such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Natural Language Generation, Neural Networks, and others.

How is Python useful to you?

Python is well-known and powerful. But, what can you do with it? Python, like any other programming language, is simply a tool for writing code that does something useful. As a result, language is merely a means to an aim. You should be aware of what you can develop with your first programming language before you start learning it.

Here are some major things you can do by learning Python:

  1. Web applications and frameworks
  2. Game development
  3. Data analysis
  4. Machine learning
  5. GUI based desktop applications
  6. Enterprise and business applications

As a result, Python is an extremely adaptable programming language that can be used in a wide range of industries. Without a question, this is one of Python's best features.

Do you find it challenging to locate the best Python tutorial for beginners? The sheer number of Python tutorials and courses available can be overwhelming at times. The best online resources for learning Python get lost in the shuffle. But we are here with some top python courses provided by various online platforms, international universities with certificates, and a lot more.

Top Python Courses

The Python Tutorial (

Learn Python (Codecademy)

Programming Foundations with Python (Udacity)

The Python Track (Team Treehouse)

The #1 Best-Selling Online Python Course for Beginners (

30 Days of Python (Udemy)

Learn Python Core (SoloLearn)

Invent with Python

Learn Python - Free Interactive Python Tutorial

Google’s Python Class

Python Tutorial (After Hours Programming)

Learn Python Programming (Programiz)

Practice Python: Beginner Python Exercises

Python Tutorials (Pythonspot)

Learn Python Online (Tutorialspoint)

Learn Python 3 with 200+ exercises (Snakify)

Full Stack Python

The Python Challenge

Best Python Courses for Beginners

Data Science Courses Best Universities

Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse's Python courses are ideal for anyone who is just getting started with coding and web development. Other introductory courses, such as HTML and CSS or JavaScript resources, complement the courses nicely.

The Python Track is a fantastic learning path and collection of courses for Python beginners and newcomers to programming! You'll learn how Python works, how to write good Python code, and how to work with databases in Python with the help of an instructor who created a few popular Python libraries. The Treehouse Python Track is similar to an all-in-one Python starter kit!


The Python Track is a fantastic learning path and collection of courses for Python beginners and newcomers to programming! You'll learn how Python works, how to write good Python code, and how to work with databases in Python with the help of an instructor who created a few popular Python libraries. The Treehouse Python Track is similar to an all-in-one Python starter kit! If you only take one online course, this one might be the most effective way to learn Python.

Here is the link to join this course — HelloPython (


Their enormous choice of online coding classes for novices, including the fantastic Python, is what makes them so remarkable. So, if you want to study more than simply Python, Udemy can help you achieve your objectives. What makes them stand out as some of the best Python courses available?

They simply place a strong emphasis on developing real-world projects, which is the most effective approach to learn Python or any other programming language. You'll learn everything you need to know about Python so you can start working on your coding projects.

Recommended courses on Udemy:

Courses available on Udemy are helpful, easy and it would be no hyperbole if we say that courses made on Udemy are made for you.


To get you started, Codecademy has a great beginner-level Python course with plenty of free content.

For anyone interested in learning Python, Codecademy is one of the best places to start learning programming as a beginner.

Recommended courses on Codecademy:

Codecademy also offers courses on additional programming languages and web development topics, making it a great place to begin learning to code.

Data Science Specialization Courses Certifications

One Month Python

One Month Python is the best option if you want an all-in-one Python boot camp. 

The boot camp is ideal for complete Python and coding newbies. You'll learn all the Python skills you'll need to start working on Python projects on your own in just 30 days. One Month Python can help you achieve your goals faster than you think, especially if you already have a project in mind. One Month Python is a welcoming and supportive community of students and boot camp instructors. Using the course Slack channel, you can easily communicate with everyone.

Even though it is a boot camp, you will not feel obligated to devote your entire life to it.

Learn Python | The #1 Best-Selling Online Python Course for Beginners

Python courses from international universities

Python Certification from the University of Michigan

This Python certification will show you how to use Python to program and analyse data. This online course, taught by Charles Severance, an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, will teach you how to use Python to learn fundamental programming topics such as data structures, networked application program interfaces, and databases.

After you've completed the essential topics, you'll have the option to work on a final Capstone project and put the skills you've learned in class to use. 

Key USPs

  • Because this is a novice course, it is ideal for those who have little or no programming experience.
  • By building your first Python program and experimenting with different strategies, you will learn to put the principles presented in the classes into practice.
  • The lectures are designed to be entertaining and interactive, making them interesting and engaging.
  • The program is broken down into five courses, each with a different level of complexity, covering topics such as Getting Started, Data Structures, Using Python to Access Web Data, and Using Databases with Python.
Duration: 3 months
Here is the link to join this course — University of Michigan (

Data Science courses of universities

Python Certification for Data Science by IBM

This is the place to start if Python and Data Science are on your mind. This program consists of a series of nine courses that will help you learn the skills you'll need to work on industry projects. Data visualization, analysis, libraries, and open-source tools are among the subjects covered in the courses. This Python basic course will get you started with Python for data science and programming in general.

Key USPs-

  • In just a few hours, you'll be able to go from zero to programming in Python.
  • The information is well-designed, and all of the topics are thoroughly covered.
  • With the use of examples, the instructor guides you through the key skills. 
  • All topics are handled from the ground up, so no prior programming or computer science expertise is required. 
  • Tips and strategies, as well as exams and projects, are included in the classes.
Duration: 3 to 5 weeks per course, 2 to 7 hours per week

Free Python Certification (Digital Defynd)

We're giving all Python students a free certificate for learning the language. To get the certificate, all you have to do is complete any python course on any e-learning platform. Yes, you read that correctly: any Python course you complete anywhere will earn you a Python Certificate from us. All of this is true whether you choose to take a course through our platform or not. 

Key USPs:

  • A completely free python certification 
  • no payment, no credit card required, no hidden costs 
  • Anyone who completes a python course on any learning platform is eligible 
  • You are eligible whether or not the institute where you completed the course issued you a certificate. 
Here is the link to join this course — Digital Defynd Free Certificate | Digital Defynd

Python for Managers (Columbia BusinessSchool)

One of the best places to learn Python programming is Columbia Business School. This program teaches business leaders and managers how to apply technical concepts to real-world situations.

This program, created by Professor Mattan Griffel and Daniel Gutta, will teach you how to communicate more effectively with technical teams. You will learn how to organize large volumes of data and combine data from disparate sources throughout this eight-week program, allowing you to make better business decisions.

You will also receive a certificate of completion from Columbia Business School once you have completed the course visualization. 

Key USPs

  • Learn the fundamentals of Python and get an introduction to Pandas, APIs, and Python Web Scraping. 
  • Learn how to use Python to analyse data and to use your business modules with Python programming. 
  • Enhance your ability to organize and interpret data in ways that go beyond Excel's capabilities. 
  • Get tutorials on how to set up the development environment, case studies with simulated datafrom a New York restaurant group, and much more 
  • Get a dedicated program support team to assist you with any program-related issues.
Duration: 8 weeks, 4-5 hours/week
Here is the link to join this course — Columbia Business School Python | Online Certificate Program

Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate by Google

If you work in the IT industry and want to learn new skills to advance your career, a comprehensive program is worth looking into. Begin by learning the fundamentals of Python and how to interact with your operating system. Aside from that, you can learn how to use Git to manage different versions of your code and get an overview of GitHub. The classes conclude with a discussion of techniques for automating real-world problems using everything you've learned so far. 

Key USPs

  • It is not necessary to have any prior coding experience. 
  • Learn how to use regular expressions and Bash scripts. 
  • Look into strategies for avoiding common pitfalls. 
  • Research configuration management and put it into practice in scalable scenarios. 
  • Break problems down into manageable chunks and learn from examples.
  • After you've completed all of the sections, finish the capstone project.
  • You can watch the videos for free.
Duration: 8 months, 4 hours a week
Here is the link to join this course — Google IT Certificates - Grow with Google

PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python (Cisco Networking Academy)

Learning Python can lead to a variety of career opportunities, ranging from network security to artificial intelligence, and earning a certificate will confirm your knowledge. This training, analyze and visualization curriculum takes into account both of these factors while also assisting you in preparing for the PCAP certification exam. Cover all of the important test topics and practice with the resources provided.

Key USPs

  • Gain insight into the responsibilities of a programmer in software development. 
  • Take a look at some of the most important problem-solving algorithms 
  • From your dashboard, you can access learning materials and assignments. 
  • Join the students' forum and communicate with professors and peers. 
  • LinkedIn is a great place to post your completion badge.
Duration: 70 hours
Here is the link to join this course — Learn To Code For IoT With Python Essentials Course | Networking Academy (

Professional Python Certification Program (PythonInstitute)

This is a comprehensive course aimed at providing professional Python programming certificates to a wide range of people, including software developers, programmers, and IT professionals. This cours ewill assist you in objectively documenting your programming skills and gaining recognition for your expertise. You can also choose between three certification levels: entry, associate, and professional. The Entry-level is for newcomers, while the Associate and Professional levels are for intermediate and advanced students. You will become a master of Python programming after completing these certifications, and you will be able to teach others about it.

Key USPs

  • Data types, containers, conditions, loops, and functions are all universal computer programming concepts that should be learned and understood. 
  • Understand the syntax, semantics, and runtime environment of the Python programming language 
  • Gain the confidence you need in your programming abilities and make yourself stand out in the job market  
  • Reflect on your programming skills and experience in a variety of areas, including Advanced OOP,GUI Programming, PEP conventions, File Processing, and many others. 
  • Develop your knowledge and skills in the following areas: Creating and Distributing Packages, Design Patterns, IPC, Network Programming, and so on.
Duration: Self-paced
Here is the link to join this course — Python Certifications | Python Institute

How to start learning Python?

Your computer is the best place to learn Python. Choose an online class from the list below and concentrate on one at a time. 

Step by step, track your progress, create meaningful projects, and build a portfolio with them.

You'll have to put in a lot of effort, but it'll be well worth it.

You'll be able to start looking for small jobs online as a freelancer or applying for entry-level Python developer jobs before you know it.

Combining at least two high-quality resources is the best way to learn Python quickly. You should only use tutorials that you enjoy and find entertaining. That is the only way to maintain long-term motivation and focus.

10 Advantages of Python

Top IT Companies Data Science Job Openings

Python is the most versatile and popular programming language that you can use for a variety of purposes. However, Python has a few general advantages over other programming languages. As you begin to construct your first tiny applications, we have mentioned few important advantages of Python that you will love.

  1. Easy to learn - Python is regarded as one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages. It's a high-level programming language, which means it has a simple syntax that's similar to English.
    You'll spend less time troubleshooting and fixing errors if you choose a language that's easy to learn. As a result, you'll have more time to learn how to code and make valuable things.
  2. Large global community - When it comes to finding aid for your Python projects, you can usually rely on the vast global community for assistance and support. Because so many developers use Python, you can quickly and readily find answers to a wide range of challenges.
    Furthermore, because the language has a vast developer community, you can quickly network with other like-minded students or professional developers all over the world. When you're just getting started with Python, this is one of the most important benefits.
    As a result, if you're new to coding, check to see if there are any Python study groups in your region!
  3. In-demand skill in the job market - If you want to learn to code, you're undoubtedly doing so — at least in part – because of the long-term financial benefits. While money should not be your primary drive, it can be a nice little carrot that keeps you going when things get tough. Python is the fastest-growing programming language on the job market worldwide.
    Python has also named the most desired language for the third year in a row. This suggests that developers who haven't yet learned Python have expressed an interest in doing so.
    It remains to be seen whether its popularity will result in a decrease in typical income levels. As more developers learn the language and seek employment, the increased number of qualified workers may put downward pressure on average earnings.
  4. Free learning resources - Python is a useful skill in the job market, as you already know. But here's what makes things much more intriguing:
    Python programming may be learned completely for free online.
    That's correct! There are dozens upon dozens of free beginner-level tutorials, books, and courses available online.
    As a result, you can add highly sought-after expertise to your resume with little to no effort– or none at all
  5. Extensive library - When you first start coding, you'll almost certainly utilize at least one Python library to help you get things done faster.
    Libraries are collections of Python code that can be used for a variety of applications.
    Libraries also help you avoid repeating yourself because most of your programs in a given field will repeat at least a portion of your code.
    The Python standard library allows you to select from a variety of modules depending on your project's requirements. Each module allows you to add a new feature or function to your Python application without having to write any new code.
  6. Powerful frameworks - You can also choose from several also named open-source Python frameworks to speed up your workflow.
    Let's pretend you want to create a web application. Using powerful Python web frameworks can help you save time and simplify your development process. They include ready-to-use Python code for common web app functions like user account creation and management.
    You will be able to complete your coding projects more quickly if you have access to popular Python frameworks. You can also take on more work or spend more time with friends and family if you develop faster.
  7. Works on any computer - You don't have to worry about your computer or operating system if you want to start learning Python.
    Python can run on any machine, including Macs, Windows PCs, and Linux systems. This also means that Python code can be written and used on a variety of platforms without requiring any changes.
    This is especially useful if you're working on a large Python project with other developers. It makes no difference whether some of you use Mac and others use Windows. Regardless of which operating system they use, everyone can read, write, and run the same code files.
  8. Versatility - You must choose the right programming language to work with based on the types of projects you want to work on in the future.
    As a result, programmers are frequently required to learn multiple languages to perform various tasks. So, for example, if you want to work in software development, you'd learn a different language than if you wanted to work in game development.
    When it comes to Python, you're not nearly as limited as you are with many other languages.

    Python can be used for a variety of projects, including:

    • Web application development
    • Analyzing information
    • Computer-assisted learning
    • Using scripts to automate tasks
    • Scraping the Internet
    • Creating video games
    • Data visualisation
  9. Productivity and workflow speed - You'll be able to build more challenging projects for your portfolio website or as a Python developer as your coding skills improve. Now, not all programming languages are created equal when it comes to large-scale projects.
    When working on a project with a large group of developers and designers, the language must support the entire workflow.
    Python does an excellent job once again. It has a simple object-oriented design as well as strong integration and text processing capabilities, making it simple and quick to use.
  10. Fast prototype development - If you're working on a web app and need to get your minimum viable product (MVP) up and running quickly. Python is a lightweight programming language that can help you get a simple web application up and running in a matter of days.
    Python is thus one of the best tools to use if you need to start testing your app right away.

The bottom line

Python is an easy, versatile, and also dynamic language to learn about and work in. To become an effective coder, you'll need a wide range of skills, a broad range of knowledge, and a passion for data, and it'll take longer than the hyped-up YouTube videos suggest. 


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